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Halle Berry's umpteenth "comeback" may be as a TV star

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Recent years have been particularly unkind to Halle Berry—or as “unkind” as years can be to a wealthy, beautiful Oscar-winner—as nearly every role she’s assayed since Catwoman has been proclaimed as her “comeback.” And now that the most recent “comeback,” last year’s Frankie And Alice, didn’t net her the laurels she was hoping for—and even though (or maybe because?) she’s got roles in the upcoming New Year’s Eve, Cloud Atlas, and Dark Tide—it looks like Berry could follow the lead of so many other languishing stars and return to television, where you get an Emmy almost just for showing up.

Deadline reports that Berry may revisit the small screen (where she started out as a cast member of first Living Dolls and then Knots Landing) with a drama spec script that’s currently being pitched to various pay cable networks like HBO and Showtime, and which would find her playing a college professor. With a PhD in bein’ fine. Okay, not really, but those are all the details we have to go on at this point, other than it’s called Higher Learning, and that it’s most likely not an adaptation of the ridiculous 1995 John Singleton film about how college is a boiling pot of racial tension and imminent date-rape that can transform you into a skinhead or militant lesbian before the end of your first semester, and then everyone just starts shooting each other at a peace rally, which is so ironic and poignant. Please don’t adapt that.

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