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Halle Berry to star in chick flick to end all chick flicks that will not, unfortunately, end all chick flicks

Women be shoppin’. Women also be attendin’ movies that be perpetuatin’ stereotypes about what women be doin’. Or, at least, that’s what Halle Berry is hoping, having signed on to lead the ensemble comedy Shoe Addicts Anonymous—to be adapted from Beth Harbison’s bestselling book of the same name—which follows “four Chicago women from different ethnic backgrounds” who form a support group based on their common 7-and-a-half shoe size, then learn to share footwear and their feelings. Women be sharin’ their feelings.

In what’s described as her “first comic role since Bulworth” [cue Catwoman jokes], historically significant Academy Award-winning actress Berry will play an “agoraphobe who feeds her addiction with online footwear purchases”—an odd choice, considering in the book her character is described as an “overweight phone-sex operator.” Either they’ve decided to glam things up a bit, or Berry may be slipping on a Norbit fat suit. Most likely the former. She won an Oscar.

The group also involves a "senator’s trophy wife" with "a passion for Manolos" and a nanny who can’t stand the socialite she works for; so basically it’s a greatest-hits pastiche of The First Wives’ Club, The Nanny Diaries, Sex And The City, and even a little Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants thrown in for good measure—a Katamari Damacy of chick-lit, if you will. Fittingly, it’s being scripted by Kristen Buckley and Brian Regan, who previously explored the thin line between contrived love and highly justified hate in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, and helmed by British director Paul Weiland, who overcame the stigma of his 1987 effort Leonard Part 6 by teaching the world how to love and peddle thinly veiled rehashes of My Best Friend’s Wedding again with 2008’s Made Of Honor. Women be seein’ those films. Women be seein’ this one as well.

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