Of all the X-Men who have appeared in the various X-Men movies, surely Halle Berry’s Storm is…one of them. Okay, we know Halle Berry’s Storm isn’t anyone favorite X-Man, but at least she’s not the worst one, right? She’s not James Marsden’s Cyclops! Assuming you agree that she’s at least better than Cyclops, then Halle Berry wants you to help convince Fox to make a solo Storm movie.

Granted, she’s not telling Storm fans to mail white wigs and jars of rainwater to Fox, but she still thinks it would be cool. This came out in an interview with Deadline, in which Berry said that she would do a solo Storm movie “in a heartbeat.” She says she loves the character “through and through,” and would “absolutely” do a Storm movie if she had the chance. She doesn’t know if Fox has considered it, but she thinks it could happen if the fans “speak up” and tell Fox they want to happen. After all, as she points out, “if Fox felt like they could make money off of a Storm movie,” then there’s a good chance it would happen.


Now, let’s all agree not to tell her that someone else is playing Storm in the next X-Men movie.