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Hall And Oates fans "can't go for" Romney, create their own SuperPac

After years of torment by rich girls and private eyes, Hall And Oates fans are finally taking a stand on something. Two of them, Williams Hansmann and Anthony Schuch, have filed with the Federal Elections Committee to create Hall And Oates Fans For America, a registered SuperPac that will gather donations to create videos opposing Mitt Romney’s election.

Hansmann told The Atlantic that, while he’s a Libertarian, he thinks it’s bogus that “Republicans tend to play such hardball” and that, “with the exception of a couple comics out there,” people aren’t really going after Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan. He went on say the duo had a hard time deciding which Hall And Oates song would soundtrack the videos, as they all seemed so thematically appropriate: "It's like they could see into this election and Romney: 'Out Of Touch,' 'I Can't Go For That,' 'Rich Girl.”


Being a SuperPac means that Hall And Oates Fans For America can collect unlimited amounts of money from donors—including, potentially, Daryl Hall and John Oates themselves—then use that money to influence elections in whatever manner they see fit. That means it would be totally legit for Hansmann and Schuch to hire Hall And Oates to come play at A.V. Club headquarters, in an effort to remind people to get out and vote. If they wanted to make a difference, that is.

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