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HAIM dress up as Hanson for Halloween, and it's perfect

Photo: HAIM (Michael Kovac/Getty Images); Hanson (Eric Robert/Sygma/Sygma/Getty Images

It only took an MMMbop before the Haim sisters were compared to the boys of Hanson. Each counting three siblings among them, the groups made buoyant pop-rock with bubbly harmonies and long, bouncy locks. The world stopped spinning when the groups shared a photo back in 2014, and the obsession continues to this day, as HAIM just shared a video of themselves in full Hanson-wear to their socials.

Where’s the love? Right here.


They’re a dead ringer, honestly, from Danielle’s cherry-red ensemble to Este’s braces to the gang’s infectiously youthful exuberance. Better yet, the video also serves to tease a new track from the band that’s set to drop on Wednesday. Our fingers are crossed for an “I Will Come To You” cover, but, considering a post from last week promises “the most haim haimy haim song ever written,” we’re guessing it’ll be an original. Fine.

The new track will mark their first new piece of original music since July’s “Summer Girl.” Revisit that song’s Paul Thomas Anderson-directed video below.

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