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HAIM announces new album, Women In Music Part III

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Indie rock’s favorite musical sister trio is coming back, with Rolling Stone reporting that HAIM has announced a new album, Women In Music Part III, that will be available in April. Plus, they’ve also released a new single and a video co-directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and Danielle Haim, since you can’t have new HAIM music without a Paul Thomas Anderson video. This one’s about the band angrily getting ready in the morning and dramatically overusing toothpaste and lipstick, creating a whole big mess, and then rocking the shit out of a drum set. Well, that’s what happens in it at least… it might not literally be about smearing lipstick everywhere.


Danielle Haim says the tongue-in-cheek name for the album came to her in a dream and made her laugh, with Alana Haim adding that she likes it because they’re “literally women in music” and often get covered under that lens specifically so “it seemed cool” to try and reclaim that title. As for Este Haim, the funny one, she “just thought it was funny” and said it was “hilarious” that it can be shortened to WIMP3—which is pretty funny.

You can see the video for “The Steps” below, and WIMP3 will be available on April 24.

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