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Hailee Steinfeld to play Emily Dickinson in new Apple comedy series

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Images)

According to Deadline, Hailee Steinfeld has signed on to star in Dickinson, a comedy series about Emily Dickinson that takes place in the 1800s but has a “modern sensibility and tone.” The story says Dickinson will follow the now-iconic poet as she uses her “imaginative point of view” to “audaciously” explore “the constraints of society, gender, and family.” The show will also be a coming-of-age story about Dickinson fighting “to get her voice heard,” so we’re imagining an old-fashioned take on The Carrie Diaries but with a poet instead of an aspiring columnist. (Also, remember The Carrie Diaries?)

David Gordon Green is set to direct the series, with The Affair and The Newsroom’s Alena Smith writing. Like every other new show Apple has picked up for the streaming service it’s planning to launch at some point, we have no idea when or how we’ll be able to see Dickinson. We don’t know if it’ll cost money, we don’t know if new episodes will come out weekly or all at once, and we don’t even know if you’ll need to wear some kind of Apple iGlasses in order to watch it.


Whenever those details do get ironed out, Dickinson will appear along other recent Apple pick-ups like Josh Gad’s animated series, Reese Witherspoon’s three shows, and a mysterious drama from Damien Chazelle.

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