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Hailee Steinfeld plans to take over the world (with poems) in the new trailer for Apple's Dickinson

Apple TV+’s anachronistic historical drama Dickinson is rapidly approaching, with the series set to launch alongside the new streaming service on November 1, and now Apple has released a new trailer that not only gives us a look at the frustrating social pressures and misogyny that drive Emily Dickinson to the artsy world of literature—as represented here by ghostly horses and the occasional carefree twirl—but also a new song from Emily Dickinson herself, Hailee Steinfeld. The series also stars Jane Krakowski, Toby Huss, Anna Baryshnikov, Ella Hunt, Adrian Blake Enscoe, and (though he’s apparently just a guest star) Wiz Khalifa. Unfortunatley, none of them have a new song attached to this trailer, but maybe we’ll get to hear Toby Huss do his own anachronistic song about how women shouldn’t have dreams or aspirations in the actual show.


Again, Dickinson will premiere on November 1.

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