(Photo: HBO)

For the entirety of Game Of Thrones’ run on HBO, the series has been a prime target for hackers. Over the last few seasons in particular, the premium cable network has been so wary of leaks and spoilers that it has stopped sending screeners to critics and it probably keeps the episodes themselves in a secure vault of some kind until a trusted courier picks up a new episode each week and personally delivers it to HBO’s head office. Of course, if you tell a hacker that they can’t have something, it simply makes them want it more, so it doesn’t really matter how careful HBO is. Somebody at some point is going to do whatever they can to get things they’re not supposed to get.

That’s why HBO shouldn’t be particularly surprised that unidentified hackers have breached the company’s network and claim to have grabbed 1.5 terabytes of data. That comes from Entertainment Weekly, which says the hackers have apparently released upcoming episodes of Ballers and Room 104, along with some “written material” that seems to be from next week’s episode of Game Of Thrones. The hackers have also promised that more leaks are “coming soon,” but you’d think that if they had anything better than some script pages for Game Of Thrones they’d release it before they inevitably get caught.


HBO has confirmed that “a cyber incident” took place, but it hasn’t confirmed any of the things that hackers took beyond saying it was some “proprietary information.”