(Photo: Lisa Rose/Getty Images)

Making good on a vague threat against ABC, the hacker who previously tried to extort Netflix over season five of Orange Is The New Black has followed up the illegal release of that acclaimed drama with a whole eight episodes of, um, Steve Harvey’s new show. As we reported last week, the so-called Dark Overlord tried to menace or otherwise get ABC’s attention on Twitter, whom they indicated would be their next “victim.” With so many shows having recently gone on hiatus, though, it was difficult to nail down which hotly anticipated premiere or finale, if any, the hacker(s) could spoil.

Turns out it was neither, as the leak focused on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, which is kind of like Shark Tank, we think, only with more Steve Harvey: Two entrepreneurs enter the Funderdome, where they pitch their ideas to a studio audience whose approval means one of them will get the seed funding to move forward. According to Variety, eight episodes of the reality competition series hosted by the comedian-turned-emcee-of-all-things have been uploaded to the Pirate Bay site, where they eagerly await someone’s, anyone’s click-through. In spite of underwhelming interest, the Dark Overlord crowed: “If you prefer your meat bloody, we’re serving it bloody as can be. We’re bringing another piece from the world of unaired mainstream media content.”


While torrentors mull the prospect of watching Harvey react to business pitches—presumably while avoiding eye contact—ABC has yet to respond to the leak. Maybe the network is just happy for the publicity on the summer offering, which is set to officially premiere on June 11.