Long-running horror comic Hack/Slash might be making its way to TV soon, courtesy of the writer behind Hitman and A Good Day To Die Hard. (Fans of the books may want to set their expectation barometers appropriately.) Created by Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli, the comic series centers on plucky monster hunter Cassie Hack, a one-time victim who gets her Buffy on by battling reanimated slasher villains and the occasional visiting movie monster.

Cassie has battled against the denizens of a number of nightmarish dimensions over the years, but few more daunting than Development Hell; studios have been attempting to get a Hack/Slash movie onto screens for nearly a decade. Now, writer Skip Woods is teaming up with Relativity Television to bring the series to TV, where the idea is that it’ll be a “dark and gritty show in the Walking Dead mold.” (The hope, presumably, being to reap some dark and gritty Walking Dead-style profits.)


[via The Hollywood Reporter]