With the potato salad guy starting a production company (and, to be fair, giving money to an anti-hunger organization) with his ill-gotten Kickstarter gains, the time has come for a hero to step in and give these snotty-nosed little crowdfunding twerps and their ironic haircuts the curb stomping they so desperately need.

That hero is H. Jon Benjamin, who has launched a Kickstarter campaign in direct response to the guy who successfully raised $30,723 to get Kenny Loggins to play in his living room. Called “I want to introduce Kenny Loggins in a guy’s living room,” the campaign is hoping to raise $15,000 for Benjamin to fly to Washington, D.C. and “make a two minute caustic introduction taking that entire condo with me straight to the Danger Zone.”


Benjamin is uniquely qualified to give this introduction, of course, because as the voice of Sterling Archer on Archer he’s probably the reason that the Kenny Loggins Kickstarter was so successful in the first place. And for those who think he is merely cynically cashing in on his fame and the apparent stupidity of the Internet, you’re right. Kind of? Maybe? Anyway, here’s what Benjamin tells The Village Voice about his project:

“I hate these inane Kickstarters hosted by privileged assholes asking for other people’s money and the service of ironic projects that add nothing to the cultural conversation, so I started one.”

He also says that if he raises the money, “part of” it will go towards renting a helicopter, ideally to land on the roof of that other Kickstarter guy’s condo. Rewards include watching a cell phone video of Benjamin’s introduction for $15, “an elaborate voicemail hoax for your phone” for $250, an hour of drinking with Benjamin before the event for $1,000, and, perhaps most acerbically, for $2,000 “you get $1,000 back.”


[via The Village Voice]