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H. Jon Benjamin really wants to hunt some tribbles in this new Star Trek: Short Treks teaser

Fresh off his recent turn as a shiftless, asshole space captain in the most recent season of Archer, H. Jon Benjamin has apparently picked up a taste for playing interstellar jerkwads with a taste for eating weird but mostly benevolent aliens: That’s the gist of this new trailer for CBS All Access’ Short Treks anthology series, anyway, as Benjamin becomes a tribble-hunting annoyance for newly minted Starfleet captain Rosa Salazar.

As part of its big push to make Star Trek a big name in TV again, CBS has been using the Short Treks series as a way to inject a little extra humor and levity into the venerable universe. (They also released a teaser at New York Comic-Con all about how Spock can be kind of a huge pain in the ass.) Invoking one of the classic comedy episodes of the original series (and a fun throwback installment of Deep Space Nine) feels like a good way to keep that vibe going, especially if we get to watch Benjamin’s scientist character, Edward Larkin, rant in his best H. Jon voice about the important scientific discoveries achieved with the constantly replicating little balls of fluff.

“The Trouble With Edward” airs this Thursday on CBS All Access.

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