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H. Jon Benjamin narrates a retro-game-themed adventure in wi-fi troubleshooting

Whether he’s pitching Coke Zero, expounding on the surprising sexual fetishes of canned vegetables, or leading a beloved animated series (or two), H. Jon Benjamin’s dulcet tones add a layer of gravitas and deadpan humor to any situation. Benjamin lends his baritone pipes to the service of a suitably epic tale of one’s quest to restore WiFi connectivity to his girlfriend’s grandparents. Adapted from a McSweeney’s Internet Tendency piece by Mike Lacher and published by Vulture, this animated adaptation uses a pixelated style that echoes the appealing blockiness of Another World and the static feel of Zero Wing. Hopefully this is just the first of many more installments that will also include such stirring tales as “The Legend of Instructing My Parents How to Use FaceTime” and “The Quest To Awkwardly Define Twerking To My Much Older Coworkers.”

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