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Gwyneth Paltrow to duet with Cee-Lo Green, Muppets

The months-long buildup toward a possible duet between Cee-Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow—this generation’s Peabo Bryson and Gwyneth Paltrow—will finally see some release at the Grammys, after the tease that was their brief rendition of “Islands In The Stream” on Saturday Night Live. Of course, it will be something of a flaccid, dribbling release, as the show will most likely find them singing together on the sanitized “Forget You,” but it will be a release nonetheless. What we do know for sure is that whatever song they may choose, their performance will be so family-friendly that, according to People, Muppets are involved. Or, as Paltrow calls them, Master James Henson’s Marionette-Puppets. There, that’s pretty tame, right? Does that count as being “mean” to Gwyneth Paltrow? We know she’s had issues with that lately.


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