Gwyneth Paltrow—so delighted by the recent terpsichorean diversions of “Country Strong,” which allowed her to empathize with people who wear inexpensive shoes and are slightly gritty to the touch—will once again expand her lungs with sumptuous, filling oxygen to belt out a version of Cee-Lo Green’s “Fuck You” for her upcoming appearance on Glee. Of course, it will be blandly sanitized and robbed of all its emotional oomph. Also, "Fuck You" will actually be the radio edit “Forget You,” emphasizing the importance of just letting go of negativity and instead focusing on the things that bring us joy, such as crafting a light and delicious meal of Italian-inspired small plates perfect for stress-free entertaining, or filling in your fall wardrobe with a "key piece" like a $945 Veronica Beard blazer. (Just thought you should know, nigga.) On Glee, Paltrow will be playing the part of “Hey Look It’s Gwyneth Paltrow We Don’t Have To Write Anything This Week.”