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Gwyneth Paltrow thinks a Trump presidency could be kind of fun

Gwyneth, cleaning out her mental closet on November 19. (Photo: JB LaCroix / Getty Images)

Providing the sort of perspective that only a woman who freely admits to having a €6,000 bathtub in her bedroom can have, Gwyneth Paltrow has gone on the record as saying she thinks a Trump presidency could be kind of fun. (You know, like making your own soy milk, or joyriding through the streets of Manhattan slaughtering homeless people for sport.) Paltrow—a proponent of the KonMari method of organization, which compels its followers to only hang on to objects that “spark joy”—seems to think that American civil life has simply become too cluttered with rights and respect for our fellow human beings, and it’s time to winnow it down to its core essence of catering exclusively to rich white people.

“It’s such an exciting time to be an American because we are at this amazing inflection point,” Paltrow said at a conference sponsored by Airbnb—itself a symbol of the economic insecurity that compels people to open up their homes to strangers in order to pay their rent—this past weekend. “People are clearly tired of the status quo, and…it’s sort of like something threw it all in the air and we’re going to see how it all lands.”


“It’s very important for me, personally, now more than ever, to create a community and to remember the humanity of everybody and to create love and…understanding,” she adds, her tranquil mind undisturbed by thoughts of what “see how it all lands” might actually mean for her fellow citizens who don’t live on a “pale, dreamy cloud.” (No, really, that’s what Goop calls her New York apartment, which went on the market for $12 million earlier this year.)

But while Paltrow almost certainly disapproves of Donald Trump’s ostentatious interior-design sensibility (it just reeks of the nouveau riche, you understand), she’s keeping an open mind in regards to his following. “The most amazing thing for me about this election is I felt ‘I don’t understand the opposition well enough at all,”“ she says. “I’m not going to tell you what side I’m on, but my big takeaway was, ‘I really need to open my mind and understand better because I don’t.’” No comment on that last part.

In the past, Paltrow has been a vocal supporter of Barack Obama, but she declined to endorse a candidate this time around.

[via USA Today]


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