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Gwendoline Christie showed up at a Madonna concert, got spanked

Game Of Thrones

According to Buzzfeed, Madonna inexplicably brought out Gwendoline Christie at her penultimate Australian concert on Saturday. Apparently, Madonna wanted to recognize “unapologetic bitch” Christie—known best for playing the fierce Brienne of Tarth on Game Of Thrones—and did so with the kind of sexual pomp and circumstance one can expect from Madonna. They pretended to have a swordfight with bananas. Christie got down with some pretty impressive dance moves. Madonna loves Christie, and she wants to make sure everyone knew it, so she one-upped the all the innuendo and spanked Christie on stage. (One does not attend a Madonna concert for its subtle nuances.) And as if that wasn’t enough, Madonna also announced: “I love you. I want to fuck you.” There is no such thing as a little crush in Madonna’s world.

Maybe this is all a taste of what’s to come when Christie returns for Star Wars: Episode VIII. After all, so little is known about Captain Phasma that it’s very possible the caped stormtrooper captain likes to get freaky with jeweled banana-shaped flasks—right? That character is an unapologetic bitch, too, no doubt.


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