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Gwendoline Christie on a potential Brienne and Tormund romance: “Yeah, maybe he has a chance"

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[Spoilers for Game Of Thrones season eight, episode six.]

Of the many fairly unsatisfying storyline resolutions offered up in the final season of Game of Thrones, Brienne of Tarth’s is hardly the most vexing. At the very least, Brienne wound up with a solid job offer down in King’s Landing. Still, despite Brienne’s bright career prospects in what has to be an otherwise pretty rough job market in Westeros these days, some fans were upset with the way the new Lord Commander of the Kingsguard was done dirty by Jaime Lannister. Could Tormund Giantsbane—noted Brienne-admirer—have a shot at helping to heal that broken heart, they wondered?

Brienne-Tormund ‘shippers might just be in luck. IndieWire has a fun new interview with Gwendoline Christie, in which the actress says of Tormund’s admiration, “Yeah, maybe he has a chance.”

Naturally, there would be some hurdles to clear for this kind of relationship to have a shot. Unless the two are willing to have a long-distance relationship via raven, Tormund better be prepared to move his ass down south, since Brienne is obviously not giving up her career for any man. Christie says Brienne would certainly make Tormund put in the effort, and also he would be wise to maybe never tell that weird story about giant’s milk ever again.


“She would really make him work,” said Christie. “I mean, you know, she’s landed her dream job. Also, the story about the giant’s milk might take a little bit of getting over. But maybe not.”

As for Jaime Lannister, who gave up a genuinely good thing to go get hit in the head with a bunch of rocks, Christie said Brienne will mourn, as always, soldier on.

I think writing is Brienne’s way of not only of honoring someone that she loved, but of honoring her own love — the relevance of the experience that she had with someone where she saw a different side to this human being that other people didn’t and wanting to preserve that... And she’s taking a real pride in overcoming her own feelings of pain and anger and all of the complexity, to do the right thing, to feel good about that, and then to go back to work as Commander of the Kingsguard and the Small Council to do that. She carries on.

Check out the rest of the interview over at IndieWire for Christie’s thoughts on the final season, her pride in calling that whole “Bran is king” thing, and her explanation as to why Brienne didn’t start writing her own entry in The Book of Brothers.

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