(Photo: Petco)

Because putting your baby in a Ramones onesie no longer signals the appropriate amount of street cred, Stereogum brings the news that Gwen Stefani is launching a line of subcultural clothing for dogs. Inspired by Stefani’s L.A.M.B. human-clothing line and passion for aping the style of fashionable Japanese teenagers, the Petco “Harajuku Lovers” collection offers a variety of items that your dog will consent to wear for various amounts of time, from “all afternoon, probably” (an emoji-emblazoned dog bandana) to “60 seconds, tops” (a trilby-style dog hat). There are also dog toys shaped like hearts, smiley faces, donuts, lips, vinyl records, and the potentially obedience-school-negating squeaky loafer. To be fair, the dog clothes borrow from the ska style of Stefani‘s old band No Doubt as much as they do Japanese street fashion, but that could be due to the difficulty of getting a dog into petticoats.