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Just last year, metal’s premier band of space aliens GWAR launched its GWAR-B-Q barbecue sauce and released its own beer at its annual GWAR-B-Q event in Richmond, Virginia. With this costumed step into the world of the culinary arts proving successful, GWAR has taken another step into the world of food and drink with the announcement of a GWAR-themed restaurant and bar known as GWARbar set to open in Richmond. The band notes that the idea of a GWARbar jumped from the mind of Dave Brockie (better known as Oderus Urungus), who, with his death in March of this year, prompted the band to launch a foundation in tribute to the band’s leader.


GWAR has launched an accompanying IndieGoGo campaign that allows for its minions the world over to lend support to the project at various levels. Proving the group hasn’t lost any of its caustic bite with the loss of its leader, the IndieGoGo campaign offers GWAR-specific items at a variety of casts such as a cooking class with the band’s guitarist BalSac The Jaws Of Death, a place in the restaurant’s “Hall Of Shame,” the band’s “undying scorn,” and for a mere $25 the band will go as far as acknowledging your existence on Facebook. Lest fans worry about GWAR’s cooking skills, GWARbar has enlisted Travis Croxton–Richmond’s 2013 restaurateur of the year– to help flesh out the menu (ideally without any flesh from members of GWAR’s slave pit making an appearance on the menu).

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