Like blood and spooge shot from a cannon, more details have come spewing forward about GWAR’s impending restaurant. GWARbar opens later this year in Richmond, Virginia, and promises to serve its patrons “intergalactic junk food” like “house-made hot dogs, freshly ground burgers, and ‘nuggets’ marrying duck and chicken meat,” according to the Washington Post. That should come as a pleasant surprise to patrons, who might have expected the band to force them to eat bull testicles or drink bowls of duck guts. Chef and GWAR guitarist Mike Derks—also known as Balsac The Jaws Of Death—says he’s “making foodie food for people who aren’t foodies,” and was inspired to open the restaurant by his relationship with fellow D.C. chefs Bryan Voltaggio and Mike Isabella (who have both appeared on Top Chef). Voltaggio also turned up, alongside other D.C. chefs, in a mock interview clip intended to raise money for the restaurant on Indiegogo.

The Post piece also clears up a few other questions about the restaurant, like what the interior will look like. The bar in the 50-seat restaurant will be “forged from ice, glass, steel, and stone,” making the restaurant look like “GWAR’s Antarctic stronghold,” according to Derks. The group will rotate different pieces of armor and costuming into the restaurant, with some GWAR-related sculpture pieces also acting as light fixtures. There will also be GWAR-themed booze on the menu, including cocktails like the Alien Secretion, created by one of the bar managers, and GWAR Impaled Pale Ale and GWAR Killsner, both created by Tampa-based Cigar City Brewing.