The surviving members of GWAR, whose ringleader and space-born master, Oderus Urungus, left this earthly plane last month, released a touching video tribute today. Free of their costumes, the band members (and Slave Pit crew) read a statement about the real-life Dave Brockie which is at turns awfully sad and a little funny. (Watch for the post-credits blooper!) The band recently announced that its fifth annual GWAR B-Q would still take place in Virginia this year, and that it would be bolstered by a public memorial service for Brockie on August 15. Though not a part of the video, the band has also announced the Dave Brockie Foundation, “a charity fund with the mission of promoting the advancement of music, images, letters and performances in the arts… The DBF will also strive to catalog and preserve Dave’s vast collection of original images, recordings, and written words, and make them available for the world to appreciate.” So… an arts foundation that also might house the world’s largest collection of space jizz? Sounds win-win. R.I.P. Dave. The video is below.