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Guy with “Free Metal” sign delivers

Screenshot: Steve Brown/YouTube

In an apt summation of what it’s like to be an artist these days, a man flawlessly shreds through Metallica’s “Search And Destroy” for an audience of two in front of a flimsy sign reading, in spray-painted letters, “Free Metal.”

A true American hero, the budding rock star is clad only in a straw hat, cape, and shorts, an outfit that screams Mac DeMarco more than it does metal. One’s commitment to their craft, however, is more important than that of their style, and the dude’s fingers are clearly at peace with the frets.


Here’s hoping he finds himself at least playing for drink tickets at some point, though his main goal at this point should probably be to avoid getting sued by Lars Ulrich, who’s no doubt dialing up his lawyers this very minute.

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