Gerardo, the singer whose ’90s single “Rico Suave” was rivaled only by Taco Bell in teaching an entire generation terrible Spanish, will fulfill his career’s trajectory by starring in a reality series on VH1, where he’s already been living in clips on various I Love The ‘90s and One-Hit Wonders specials. In the show tentatively titled Suave Says, which loosely translates to Ha Ha Ha Holy Shit, Gerardo will star with his “beauty queen wife, Kathy” as he struggles to control a home filled with three children and one niece—the price you pay for being a gigolo, as his song warned lo these many years ago.

Gerardo has since left recording behind to become a music exec at Interscope, helping to usher in the career of Bubba Sparxxx, among other reasons to dread an inevitable “Rico Suave 2” rap remix. But he’s also passed “the music torch” to his kids, who will attempt to use it to break from the shadow of “Rico Suave” and launch their own music careers the best way they know how: by starring on a VH1 show with the guy who sang it, one that’s literally called Suave Says. “Plus, he still has those abs,” says VH1’s Susan Levison, confirming that Gerardo still possesses at least 50 percent of his most recognized talents. The remaining 40 percent will be accounted for with the first appearance of a bandana.


“I can’t wait for VH1’s audience to meet my wild family. We’re like Ricky and Lucy but with a handful of crazy kids trying to run my casa,” Gerardo tells Variety, referring to another wacky mixed couple that young people have never heard of.