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Guy who plays McSteamy on Grey's Anatomy runs out of McSteam

Eric Dane, known as "McSteamy" in the parlance of people who say things like that, is leaving Grey's Anatomy after six seasons of McSteaming things up, and generally being all McSteamy. "Oh, that is so McSteamy!" Dane's admirers have been saying to themselves for years now regarding something McSteamy he has done, which he will no longer do. McSteamy—known as "Dr. Mark Sloan" in the parlance of people who feel embarrassed using the word "McSteamy"—was last seen clinging to life in this past season's finale, in which he and his fellow doctors were involved in a giant plane crash caused by the gusty headwinds of creator Shonda Rhimes' desperate sighs. Suggesting he still has a little McSteaming to do, Entertainment Weekly says that Dane will still reprise the role for "a number of episodes to close out his character's arc," but eventually McSteamy will evaporate into so much McSteam. "No, McSteamyyyyyyyyyyyyy," a fan will actually probably wail, somewhere, perhaps the person who made this thing.

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