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Guy who makes video game swords into real swords is getting a TV show

Leaping right past hypothetical programs like Swords or Big Swords and diving into the deep end of the pool, Discovery Channel is producing Big Giant Swords. (Big Ass Giant Fucking Swords, Hell Yeah Bro!!!, meanwhile, is still a bridge too far.)

Game Informer reports that Discovery is moving ahead with a show for YouTube weaponsmith Michael “Irish Mike” Craughwell and his sidekick, “AmeriMike.” The show will document their creative process of planning and constructing the real-world counterparts of weapons featured in video games, movies, and fairy tales.


Zap2It adds that the show will also chronicle Irish Mike’s attempts to transform himself from lowly welder into a celebrity weaponsmith based in Martha’s Vineyard, including the business challenges that arise from trying to become a celebrity weaponsmith based in Martha’s Vineyard.

Premiering January 13 on Discovery, each episode promises to challenge the Mikes with creating two client-commissioned weapons per week, which would conveniently allow for spinoffs like Dueling To The Death With Big Giant Swords, and Racing To Get Sword-Inflicted Laceration Victims To A Mainland Hospital, were Discovery so inclined.

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