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Guy who made those unofficial Tintin credits gets a job working for Steven Spielberg

Last week on Great Job, Internet!, we drew your attention to a fan-made Flash animation title sequence for Steven Spielberg’s upcoming adaptation of Herge’s The Adventures Of Tintin. Today comes word that that video, from James Curran of SlimJim Studios, was apparently so impressive that it got the animator an invite to the première of Tintin from Spielberg himself and, as if that wasn’t enough, Spielberg even offered Curran a job on one of his upcoming films. The news came via a tweet from Tintin co-writer Edgar Wright, who didn’t share any more details beyond that. Anyway, the only takeaway from Curran’s story is that posting speculative work on the Internet in the hopes of getting a dream job offer from a Hollywood titan always works out in the end. So keep it up, entire YouTube community. [via /Film]


The Adventures of Tintin from James Curran on Vimeo.

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