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Guy who let the internet decorate his bedroom now sleeps on Minecraft sheets next to hentai, Pickle Rick

Screenshot: YouTube

Earlier this month, tech YouTuber Michael Reeves (@michaelreeves08) needed help decorating his new bedroom, so he decided to code and test a fun little Twitter bot experiment—people could reply with links to any Amazon product under $25, and the most liked suggestions would automatically get purchased once every fifteen minutes over the course of a single day. It, um...went pretty much how you would expect.

True to his word, however, Reeves returned to YouTube yesterday to showcase the results, unboxing some of the mystery items before enlisting friends to help assemble his new living space. You can check out the final results below, which also includes a genuinely interesting crash course on how the bot he constructed actually works.

Source: YouTube

Among the gifts: Minecraft memorabilia, hentai, and way too much Pickle Rick. More interesting, however, are the truly left-field items on display, such as the dozen or so cans of Heinz beans and a bottle of “coyote urine.” The liveliest section of Reeves’ new bedroom, however, would have to be the small shrine to K-Pop sensations BTS, complete with what appear to be portraits, a coffee table book, and Funko Pop! figurines.


If he wasn’t a fan of “Boy With Luv” before (and really, c’mon, we all should be), he definitely is now.

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