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What we’ve got here is a guy named Ben Schifano, who looks, eh, kinda like Adam Driver. Schifano, sensing an opportunity in the Force, has used this passing resemblance to recreate photos of Driver in the hopes of earning himself a sandwich. These photos are then posted to an Instagram account called “adamdriverbuymeasandwich,” because he wants Driver to buy him that sandwich. A noble project with a noble goal. Take a look.


We’ll be honest: no, this guy does not look that much like Adam Driver. However, all he wants is a sandwich, so we’re not sure how high the standard needs to be. Certainly there is no law that states that if a guy sort of looks like another guy and then posts a bunch of pictures leaning into that resemblance you owe him a sandwich. Still, it couldn’t hurt, could it? Schifano has made clear his willingness to settle for Subway, so depending on the sandwich Driver would only be out a few bucks.

Schifano’s website says that he is an experimental filmmaker from Arizona, whose work “focuses on self expression and individuality in regard to pop culture and celebrity in the digital age.” It seems that this particular work is focused more on duality, mainly the duality of him and Adam Driver, a dude he somewhat looks like depending on the camera angle and the face he’s making.


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