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Guy wants McDouble, flies to McDonald’s in dangerous, handmade flying machine

“Suggested: What If The Wing Collapses?” reads an ad in the top right corner of this new video by Tucker Gott, who has found fame via videos detailing his adventures with a “paramotor,” or a paraglider with a motor attached. The ad isn’t connected to this particular video, we don’t think, what with the paramotor having no traditional “wings,” but it plays right into our fascination with videos such as these. Are we really in this for the stunning aerial views of Gott’s surrounding farmland, or is some shuddering dark thing buried deep within us just curious as to whether or not some key component will sputter out and send him pinwheeling into the copses below?

For Gott, however, such concerns are secondary to his hunger, which craves a cheeseburger from a McDonald’s that, as the crow flies, resides roughly 10 miles away. And that’s how we begin, with Gott taking off and narrating us through the blue sky above him and the rich, green farmland below.

His flight is smooth and his McDouble apparently delicious (anything probably tastes good against those views), but we were ready to vomit up our own lunch whenever he began zipping his way around hay bales just inches above the ground.


Besides, doesn’t this guy know drones can just bring you food now?

[via Daily Dot]

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