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Guy tries to scam $25,000 in drum equipment by pretending to be in Nickelback

(Photo: Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Consequence Of Sound reports on the recent arrest of a Florida man who attempted to scam a music supply company out of $25,000 in drumming equipment by claiming to be in Nickelback. Lee Howard Koenig apparently noticed that he had a similar drum setup to the band’s long-time drummer, Daniel Adair, and tried to convince an Austrian microphone company to charge the equipment in Adair’s name but send the swag to him. A security expert promptly flagged the claim, and Koenig—who apparently tours as “MR. WOOKY,” according to his Facebook page—has been hit with two felony fraud-related charges. Adair, and Nickelback itself, remain unharmed.

Also, if Avril Lavigne is reading this: We are in no way bullying, or encouraging others to bully, the fine Canadian rock band Nickelback, who are clearly the victims in this scenario. Don’t @ us, please.


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