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Guy sums up every episode of The Mandalorian on a shoestring budget

The Mandalorian is probably the best thing to come out of the Star Warsiverse (™) since some genius creature designer dreamed up that little space-bat from the first movie’s cantina scene, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t extremely easy to make fun of its repetitive format. Over on YouTube, Close Personal Acquaintance has done just that, creating his very own ultra low-budget summary of “every episode of The Mandalorian in less than 30 seconds.

The costumes may not be as artfully shabby as the actual show—the video’s version of the galaxy’s top bounty hunter wears a trash bin with some duct tape on it as a helmet—but the format is spot on. We see the Mandalorian and his green-tinted canine Baby Yoda (or whatever other, less-catchy name it actually has) faced with the issue of not being able to “do our mission because we’re out of milk.” There’s a warbling recorder theme song over a title card and our hero finds himself on another planet, running an errand for a guy in a bathrobe in order to get his dairy MacGuffin. The Mandalorian shoots an alien wearing a horse head mask, goes to get his reward, and finds that the milk has all been drunk by that rapscallion Baby Yoda. The crowd laughs.


Close Personal Acquaintance’s bored recreation isn’t wrong to boil the show down to its disposable, episodic formula, but pointing out how repetitive The Mandalorian is doesn’t change the fact that the series can still be a good time if you just want to look at some weird aliens and laser fights. Or, if you, like us, are endlessly fascinated with the craft that’s gone into making viewers feel the faint stirrings of paternal instinct when watching a big-eyed, floppy-eared space puppet mug for the camera.

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