In a shocking, inexplicable development, it appears that the one-two punch of Swept Away and Revolver–two films currently playing a double-bill in Hell's Drive-in–did not, in fact completely destroy Guy Ritchie's film career. Nor did marrying notorious pop-culture Succubus Madonna, a woman who famously sinks her fangs and tentacles into thriving careers and leaves them withered, bloodless husks.

For it appears that the judgment-impaired gluttons for punishment over at Warner Brothers have given the struggling auteur/boy toy the keys to the "Sherlock Holmes" franchise. According to an article in the Hollywood Reporter, Ritchie will write and direct a "re-imagining" of the legendary detective's mythology. Incidentally "reimagining" is a show-biz euphemism for "terrible, heretical desecration" (see also Apes, Planet of The, 1999 Remix). Oh, and incidentally, Ritchie's Holmes will apparently be less of an uptight, egghead thinker-guy and more of an Axe-powered man of action, as the new film is supposed to "more adventuresome" and "less stuffy" than previous incarnations. Is it too early to suggest The Rock for the lead?

Sherlock Holmes fans, you have been warned.

The sad story can be found here:

Ritchie to ruin beloved literary figure for a new generation