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Openboosters is a YouTube channel where a guy films himself opening packs of vintage Magic: The Gathering cards. According to him, he’s just had these boxes of cards sitting around since the early ’90s, but he needs more room for his family and instead of selling them off has decided to open them one at a time for someone on the Internet’s viewing pleasure. His latest unpacking video, where he opens up a starter deck from the very first Magic set, ends with an incredible surprise. The last card in the pack was the elusive Black Lotus, of which only 1,100 were made. Last November, a similar Lotus sold at auction for more than $27,000.

A starter deck like this one, from the Alpha set, contains 60 cards, the bottom two being the “rare” cards. Not one to rush a reveal, Mr. Boosters opted to start his unboxing from the top, flipping through 58 crappy common cards. You can see his hands shake with anticipation as he reaches the main event. He even asks “Will it be the Lotus?” before turning over the first rare card. It isn’t (although the card he reveals, Tropical Island, is still valuable in its own right), but the last card is.


He made a follow-up video inspecting his new Black Lotus, pointing out some of the card’s flaws that might hold it back from reaching the prices earned by pristine peers. Still, this guy basically just found thousands of dollars sitting around, and we get to witness his genuine reaction. To quote openboosters, “HOLY BRJSH!”

[via Max Temkin]

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