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Guns N’ Roses takes Donald Trump piñata down in Mexico City

Screenshot: YouTube

In an act that is both monumentally ridiculous and yet strangely satisfying, Guns N’ Roses invited fans onstage during a recent concert in Mexico City to destroy a giant, grinning piñata of Donald Trump. And, saints be praised, there’s footage to prove it. Having just played a string of shows in South America, the reunited metal band performed two concerts at the Palacio de los Deportes. It was there that the band introduced its latest incredible onstage gimmick: a giant, hideous effigy of Donald Trump, complete with a toothy grin, an ill-fitting suit, and and a mop of unruly orange hair. Lead singer Axl Rose, clearly loving every second of this, invited a few lucky fans onstage to beat the shit out of this nightmarish mega Trump, spilling its “guts” onto the stage. The rest of the audience, meanwhile, chanted “Puto! Puto! Puto!” In all, it’s a bit like the last scene from The Wicker Man, if that movie were intended to be inspiring rather than chilling.

The piñata incident is only GNR’s latest salvo against the flame-haired president-elect. On November 11, during a concert in São Paulo, Brazil, Rose altered the lyrics of the Use Your Illusion II song “Civil War” to include the line: “Look at the fear Trump’s feeding.” Poignant, yes, but not nearly as fun the piñata. Being able to physically smash a representation of the president-elect is eminently more cathartic.

Rose has also taken to Twitter to tell Trump to stop being such a little bitch all the time.


So, yeah, don’t expect GNR to perform at the inauguration next month.

[via Consequence Of Sound]


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