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Guns N' Roses promises its next album "won't take as long"

In the time it took to create Chinese Democracy, a human baby could have been conceived, gestated, birthed, and raised into a snotty adolescent with zero interest in a band called Guns N’ Roses that old people seem to like, but the group promises that its follow-up to the 2008 record will be here much sooner. Guitarist DJ Ashba (sworn enemy of DJ Roomba) recently told rockitoutblog.com that the band is currently “throwing around a bunch of ideas” for a new album, and that Axl has “a lot of good shit up his sleeve.” Anyway, once Axl gets the shit out of his sleeve and “on the plate,” which is disgusting, Guns N’ Roses should finally have a new album out, with Ashba promising that it “won’t take as long, I promise.” Another promise: It still won’t feature the original Guns N’ Roses lineup. [EW]


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