No doubt smarting from the public’s steadfast refusal to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Use Your Illusion albums, Axl Rose is gearing up for a tour with Guns N’ Roses (sorry, “Guns N’ Roses”) that will visit South America, Mexico, and the United States this fall. So far there are only three U.S. dates that have been announced—you’ve been warned, Miami, Orlando, and Kansas City—but more shows are expected. If the concerts go on as planned, it will be the first proper GNR tour in five years. The lineup will include whoever hasn’t pissed off Axl this week, though some are hoping for a reunion of the original lineup should the band get inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall Of Fame. (GNR is eligible starting next year.) But it’s unlikely any version of Gun N’ Roses will include Slash, who Rose called “a cancer” in 2009. If by “cancer” he meant “an integral and important part of the band,” he’s absolutely right. [Via Rolling Stone]