If the Internet is to be believed, the process of becoming and remaining an adult human male has reached unprecedented levels of difficulty in recent years. But those lost, lonely masses of terminally under-appreciated men need no longer fear for their collective future, because Duff McKagan is writing a book called How To Be A Man (And Other Illusions). This is neither the Guns N’ Roses bassist’s first book, nor his first time giving advice, but it is the first time the two have been combined.

And while the guy for whom Duff Beer was supposedly named might not seem like the best person to give advice on topics like marriage and fatherhood, McKagan would tell you that he’s changed, if Duff McKagan had to prove himself to the likes of you. Recently, McKagan has made headlines for his financial acumen, and he founded the wealth-management company Meridian Rock in 2001. He’s also been married to his third wife since 1999, which is approximately six decades in Guns N’ Roses years. Kid Rock, on the other hand, still thinks that people who don’t like it when you use the word “gay” can go fuck themselves, so he won’t be qualified to give life advice for a while yet.