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Guitar Hero player beats “Bark At The Moon,” takes drastic measures after a YouTube takedown

Guitar Hero isn’t exactly at peak relevancy, but what makes it endlessly replayable is humankind’s futile pursuit of perfection: People just want to get 100 percent on the toughest songs. YouTube user GuitarHeroFailure was the latest guitar hero to break down a door in human achievement. He completely beat Ozzy Osbourne’s insanely hard and unfair “Bark At The Moon.”

But some pursuits are Sisyphean. After posting a video of his success, GuitarHeroFailure discovered that YouTube had taken down the audio. Thus, he was forced to give his lungs a workout and recreate the riffs from hell through his lips.


It’s a lot of effort to appease 2,000 subscribers, but after beating Guitar Hero, it’s not like this guy had anything else to do.

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