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Guinness honors of Game Of Thrones, Wolf Of Wall Street, and Frozen with predictable World Records

Illustration for article titled Guinness honors of iGame Of Thrones, Wolf Of Wall Street/i, and iFrozen/i with predictable World Records

Guinness—the self-proclaimed arbiter of what is and is not the most or biggest whatever in the world—will be releasing its latest collection of World Records later this month, and it’s celebrating the occasion by revealing some of its new record-holders early. One such winner is Game Of Thrones, which has now earned the title of “Most Pirated TV Show.” Now, we were under the impression that Game Of Thrones had already earned that title several times over, but it doesn’t count until Guinness says it does. Now that it’s official, though, nobody has to feel bad about illegally downloading it because they helped HBO win a meaningless award.


Recognizing that there’s more to writing a book than just talking about Game Of Thrones, Guinness also gave out awards like “Most Swearing In One Film” and “Highest Box Office Film Gross For An Animation,” which went to Frozen and The Wolf Of Wall Street—though we’re not sure which movie got which award. In less-predictable World Record news, Jennifer Lawrence was named the “Highest-Grossing Action Movie Heroine,” and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire became the “Highest-Grossing Post-Apocalypse Movie”—which is definitely not an award that was created just for The Hunger Games. Also, Katy Perry has the most Twitter followers, but Shakira is the “Most Liked Person On Facebook” thanks to her page’s 100 million fans. Finally, Eminem has claimed the coveted “Most Words In A Hit Single” prize for his track “Rap God,” which features him reciting the entirety of Moby Dick over the course of only six minutes and four seconds. Or something like that.

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