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Guillermo Del Toro wants Maisie Williams for Pacific Rim 2, if it happens

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Depending on who you believe, Pacific Rim 2 is either dead in the water or in the works. Last month, The Hollywood Reporter claimed production on the rock-’em-splash-’em-robots movie had been “halted indefinitely.” This was news to director Guillermo Del Toro, who told Entertainment Weekly that his team was still intent on “turning in a screenplay and a budget in three weeks.”

Well, those three weeks have recently come and gone, and while there’s no update on whether the movie’s been rescued from preproduction limbo, Del Toro is nonetheless moving forward with casting (in his head). The director had lunch with Maisie Williams the other day and, following their meeting, was so impressed that he declared himself ready to give Williams her very own Jaeger.


Del Toro’s use of the subjunctive here suggests his optimism about the sequel has been somewhat tempered, but at least he’s now given us a great mental image of Arya Stark riding around in a mecha-direwolf.

[h/t Uproxx]

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