The original Fantastic Voyage

Since he’s no longer prepping Justice League Dark, Pacific Rim 2, At the Mountains Of Madness, or Hellboy 3, Guillermo del Toro, Hollywood’s go-to director for imaginative (and sometimes imaginary) films, might helm Fox’s remake of Fantastic Voyage, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Based on the 1966 original, the remake follows a group of scientists shrunk to atomic size and sent via miniature submarine into another scientist’s body in order to save his life. (We’re already itching to see del Toro’s presentation of a massive Golgi apparatus that looks like a stack of snot-covered pancakes.)

David Goyer and Justin Rhodes wrote the script for the remake; although Goyer gets a lot of flack for Blade: Trinity (and a few other things), it’s important to remember that Goyer also wrote Blade II, which del Toro directed with enough glee to forge a proper thrill machine. The same could happen here, if del Toro doesn’t drop out of the project, encounter an indefinite delay, or get mauled by a monster on his return journey to the mountaintop castle where he presumably sleeps. James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment will produce Fantastic Voyage, which might increase the project’s chances of coming to fruition, because when Cameron sets his mind to something, he makes sure that it happens—even if it takes the better part of a decade.