According to an interview at the ATX Television Festival, Guillermo del Toro has started writing a sequel to his wub-wub-clang mechas vs. kaiju flick¬†Pacific Rim. Del Toro‚ÄĒwho was in Austin to promote his FX vampire series, The Strain‚ÄĒsays he began work on¬†Pacific Rim 2¬†several months ago, with Marvel movie mainstay Zak Penn as his co-writer.

Of course, writing a movie is very different from getting one made. And although Pacific Rim earned over $400 million worldwide, that number begins to seem a lot smaller once you factor in the film‚Äôs $190 million budget and the estimated $175 million spent on its extensive marketing campaign. Legendary Pictures, which produced Pacific Rim and put up 75 percent of its budget,¬†has yet to give del Toro the go-ahead, and even he admits that, at this stage, he doesn‚Äôt¬†‚Äúhave the money,‚ÄĚ but is still ‚Äúproceeding like it is happening.‚ÄĚ But if the budget never materializes, maybe del Toro could take a cue from Be Kind, Rewind¬†and just make the movie in his basement.