Guillermo del Toro’s next few years are pretty set, what with Pacific Rim 2 in the works for a 2017 release, but he still needs to fill his time until then with something other than giant robots punching giant monsters.

According to Collider, he’s going to use this opportunity to make a “very small movie” filmed in black and white. Del Toro appears to be reluctant to provide any actual details beyond that, but he says it will have a “very small cast” that he hopes will include John Hurt and some unnamed actress that he once saw in a short film. We’re not sure if she’s unnamed because del Toro doesn’t know her name or if he’s being secretive, but it seems like it could go either way. The movie will also apparently feature “one great creature” and it has a title that he won’t reveal yet.


Now, the fact that he doesn’t want to say too much could mean a number of different things.The boring answer is that he wants people to experience it without any baggage. We don’t know del Toro’s stance on spoilers, but it’s possible that he thinks the movie will be better received if an audience goes in without knowing what to expect. The more exciting answer, though, is that this is something in the same vein as that Mountains Of Madness adaptation he’s been trying to make forever. Maybe he’s just going to film his own full-on R-rated H.P. Lovecraft movie to stick it to the major studios that don’t think it’s a good idea.

We’ll hopefully know more about this in the future, and maybe del Toro can fit another Hellboy movie into his schedule in the meantime.