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There are many possible reasons for Guillermo Del Toro to get into the business of making high-end tequila. For one, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to create their own version of a favorite drink? If people come to you and say, “Let’s make your own special version of [insert your most beloved alcoholic beverage here],” only lunatics or people who are no fun would say no. Second, as this new interview with The Daily Beast proves, the aesthetic appeal of the container was a real draw for him. “The idea was to create a centerpiece and make the tequila the centerpiece of the centerpiece,” the director says. “It’s a shrine. And I think it looks beautiful as the centerpiece of any bar.” But we have a much simpler third reason: As George Clooney has proven, making a good tequila can earn you a billion fucking dollars, enough money to just walk around launching ones from your hands, yelling, “Make it rain!,” every hour of every day, for the rest of your life.

The Crimson Peak director has paired with Patrón Tequila to create essentially the liquor version of one of his elaborate film collectibles. We’ll let Del Toro describe it, because it sounds complicated as hell, which, for 399 dollars, it damn well better be:

First and foremost, the box is covered in a black suede with a silver skull. You start with black and then you open it and you see the box, which depicts all the stages of the processing of tequila, which is being done by skeletons to signal the ancestral tradition. Then all of a sudden you go from black to that beautiful two-dimensional box and then you open the wings and you reveal huge color and three-dimensions. You end up having a journey. You have votive candles that you can light. It’s a very beautiful piece.


The rest of the interview goes on to reveal the drinking habits of the celebrated director, some of which are surprising (“The thing that I love is gin & tonic. It’s simple. It’s very, very delightful”), and some of which are exactly what you would say if you were trying to do a quick impression of him (“As you may imagine most of [my collection] revolves around glassware with skulls”). He ends by saying he treats himself to a little port wine at the end of most days as a reward, which we couldn’t agree more with, especially if you remove the words “a little.” Del Toro’s fancy-ass tequila package/centerpiece is now available to order.

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