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Guillermo del Toro does the Netflix thing with animated series Trollhunters

(Credit by: Getty Images)

He’s already taken on giant robots, a child’s imagination, and good and bad versions of movies featuring killer bugs, so Guillermo del Toro is clearly game for trying new things. (As long as those new things don’t involve making a Tolkien adaptation, of course.) Now the writer-director is set to tackle will be animation, as Variety reports a new series from del Toro as part of Netflix’s just-announced deal with Dreamworks Animation. Hopefully, the new show will be a marked departure from his other current TV venture, or Netflix’s full-season release schedule will just mean people can be underwhelmed by it all in one sitting, as opposed to over several months.

Called Trollhunters, the studio’s press release says the animated program “will unleash a new, fantastical world wrapped around two best friends who make a startling discovery beneath their hometown.” No word yet if it will bear any relation to the excellent 2010 Norwegian found-footage movie Trollhunter, but we’re pretty sure an animated found-footage p.o.v. project has yet to be undertaken, an idea we now have to rush out and copyright.


The project is just one of several properties due to be released this year under the terms of the new agreement between DWA and Netflix, including a “reimagining” of Voltron and adaptations of other past and upcoming Dreamworks films. At long last, America’s love affair with The Croods might finally find an outlet. That, or the movie with Will Smith as a hip-hop shark and Angelina Jolie as a sexy fish.

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