Now that he longer has to drag The Hobbit around like a guaranteed blockbuster ball-and-chain, Guillermo del Toro has officially put himself back on the market. And while his recent announcement that he will write and produce a take on The Haunted Mansion for Disney qualifies as more of a prolonged flirt or parking-lot handy, he seems to be ready to go all the way with At The Mountains Of Madness as his next directing gig, which Deadline reports is currently being set up at Universal.

The 3D film—an adaptation of the classic HP Lovecraft tale about a South Pole expedition that awakens ancient gods from another planet known as the “Elder Things”—has been in development for a while, but it seems to be on the fast track now that James Cameron has agreed to produce. Cameron—who, as we recently reported, is officially really fucking rich and doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t feel like—has been reluctant to slap his name on anyone else's projects, but is said to have “made an exception” for Mountains Of Madness. We suppose if anyone can make a film that features blind six-foot-tall penguins and still find a way to make money, it would be these two guys.