In August of 2014, a playable teaser for Silent Hills—called P.T.—was released to critical and fan acclaim. It was a chilling, immersive experience where players had to repeat actions over and over again in a constrained environment, noticing subtle differences each time they did to unlock the next step in the game. As conceived by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro, many players found it to be an incredibly frightening affair with bizarre images, disturbing audio, and an unsettling mood that seemed all designed in order to freak people out.

Unfortunately, the game appears to have been canceled following a growing rift between Kojima and Konami, the game’s studio. Since then, Kojima has left Konami and partnered with Sony, while Del Toro and Kojima have pledged they will one day work together on a video game. It’s promising that the two will continue collaborating as P.T. proved to be a fascinating, haunting game that was unlike so much of what has come before. Now, filmmaking group Oddest Of The Odd has recreated the game’s experience as a live action short film, complete with its disturbing content and unpleasant atmosphere. For those that haven’t, or couldn’t, play P.T., it’s a great recreation of the game’s mood and appearance and does an excellent job of being creepy in its own right.