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Guided By Voices is getting its own beer, finally

Guided By Voices’ prodigious musical output is matched only by its beer consumption, so it’s only fitting that the band is getting its own brew. (I once promoted a GBV show, and the six cases of beer I provided for the band and its entourage was gone before soundcheck.) To celebrate the 20th anniversary of GBV’s classic Bee Thousand, Dogfish Head will brew Beer Thousand, an imperial lager with an impressive 10 percent ABV level, perfect for getting there quicker. Unless you live in Madison, Wisconsin—birthplace of The Onion and The A.V. Club, represent—and are going to see GBV tonight, you won’t be able to sample Beer Thousand until this fall. If you can wait, you’ll be able to purchase the beer along with a limited-edition 10-inch record featuring a live performance from 1994.

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